In many ways, it is a harder to cancel plans than to make them. Canceling or postponing a major event can be difficult, disappointing, and sometimes very costly. Right now due to COVID-19, many people are in the process of calling off their summer weddings and gatherings. Others are still choosing to wait and […]


  Whether you’re in a new relationship, or going out with a long-term partner, forgetting your date night etiquette can make you an awkward Valentine. The following are some of the most common dating conundrums I hear about: You are ghosted: If your date is more than fifteen minutes late and isn’t responding to your calls […]


  Wherever you are, and whatever you are celebrating, a well delivered toast will heighten any occasion. Since the 1700s, when people dropped pieces of spiced toast into wine to temper its flavor, people have been toasting to occasions and guests of honor. On New Years Eve especially, good toasting etiquette will make you a great […]

Holiday Gift Card Etiquette

Gift cards are a convenient gift, but they don’t have to be a lazy one. I have always had a mixed opinion of gift cards (see an earlier blog here). It seems they are often given without much thought about the recipient. That may be why every year, billions of dollars in gift cards go […]


ELECTION ETIQUETTE   The rule of not discussing politics at work or in polite company is hard to follow during election time. Conversations about politics are inevitable, but arguments aren’t. To ensure you still have friends on October 22nd, follow these tips: Be informed Speak about observations rather than opinions. By following the news, you […]

TELETIQUETTE – Telephone Etiquette

TELETIQUETTE – TELEPHONE ETIQUETTE Calling on the phone is a lost art. But in many cases, making a phone call is still the most effective way of getting things done. The immediate exchanges and the ability to convey emotion make phoning a crucial way to make a connection, in business and life. For those same […]

Fast Food Etiquette

FAST FOOD ETIQUETTE Manners aren’t just for fancy restaurants. In a place full of hungry and hurried people, courtesy also goes a long way. According to someone who eats fast food daily (me!), here are some things to keep in mind for the sake of the diners and employees. Know your order Do not approach […]

Host Gift Etiquette

A gift will give your host a lift. Before you are entertained, show your gratitude with a small token of appreciation. Here are some great ideas. Food: Unless asked to bring a specific item, it is best not to bring hot food as it may clash with what the host prepared. If there is a […]

3 Steps to Wine Savvy – Wine Etiquette

  That awkward moment when you try to look sophisticated…and fail. In professional and social settings, no drink rises to the occasion quite like a glass of wine. It’s the universal and sophisticated choice. No matter what bottle or box it came from, you can make your wine taste better and look good doing it. […]

Leave “Manspreaders” Alone

LEAVE “MANSPREADERS” ALONE Tell your mother she’s been replaced; public transportation authorities are now in the business of punishing bad manners. Their cause of the day: “manspreading”. The term, meant to describe the practice of sitting with legs wide apart, wasn’t even in the dictionary before 2015. In what must be record time, “manspreading” has […]

O Canada! NO Canada!: Proper Canada Flag Etiquette

O CANADA! NO CANADA!: PROPER CANADA FLAG ETIQUETTE We love our flag, sometimes a little too much! The flag represents a country and is itself considered a living thing. Canadians have found many ways to honour this national symbol. Some make me exclaim O Canada!….while others leave me thinking NO Canada! Official rules exist on […]

Valentine’s Day Etiquette

VALENTINE’S DAY ETIQUETTE It’s the most awkward day of the year. It may involve a blind date, or a disappointing rendezvous with your current partner. On this day those with no plans at all feel even more uncomfortable. February 14th is a day to celebrate love (not only romantic), so don’t let feelings of awkwardness […]

Gift Card Etiquette

GIFT CARD ETIQUETTE     Whether they’re on your wish list or not, it is almost certain you will receive at least one gift card over the holiday season. According to the National Retail Federation’s 2016 survey, 56% of shoppers plan to give at least one this year, and it is estimated that 95% of […]

Don’t Get Talk Blocked – Avoid Awkward Small Talk

DON’T GET TALK BLOCKED – AVOID AWKWARD SMALL TALK     When speaking to someone we don’t know very well, small talk is the key to a deeper conversation. Sometimes conversation doesn’t flow well and we feel talk blocked, but those who say they want to “cut the small talk” are not taking the time […]

That’s Not Queue-t!

THAT’S NOT QUEUE-T!   Adults, and even children, alike, can do things that aren’t queue-t. Summer is the season of waiting in line. At theme parks, on highways, and most notably at airports, people are spending hours standing among strangers. In fact, it has been estimated that the average American spends 2 years of his […]

Super Bowl Etiquette: Who NOT to Be on Game Day

WHO NOT TO BE ON GAME DAY   This playoff season has not been short on misbehavior by fans. Reports of spectators fighting and even urinating on each other were seen as out-of-line by even the rowdiest of fanatics. In a large stadium crowd, a few bad apples will inevitably make their presence known, but even […]

Be Lean – Not Mean – In 2016!

BE LEAN – NOT MEAN – IN 2016!   A Nielsen survey conducted this time last year revealed 69% of people resolved to improve their health and fitness. Many choose to do so at the gym, and so every January they converge on previously abandoned weight rooms and newly rediscovered yoga studios. Regrettably, countless statistics and […]

Holiday Tipping Etiquette

HOLIDAY TIPPING ETIQUETTE   The season has arrived for Christmas music, Christmas sweaters, Christmas parties, and, of course, Christmas gratuities.   Tipping is hardly a seasonal occurrence; according to one estimate, Americans voluntarily hand over $40 billion to service personnel each year. It’s no surprise then that the holiday spirit inclines us to give even […]


RUDENESS IS A SHOPPING FAIL   Canadian shoppers briefly forgot their manners earlier this year, when Target liquidated all 133 of its department stores in that country. Deal-hunters across Canada waited outside for hours only to find discounts that ranged from disappointing (10% on most items), to slightly less disappointing (Valentine’s day cards were 30% […]

4 Steps to Mastering the Business Follow Up

4 STEPS TO MASTERING THE BUSINESS FOLLOW UP     Turning a newly received business card into a professional contact requires follow up. Students and lower ranking professionals are the ones expected to initiate contact once the networking session is over. This should be done in the first 24-48 hours, and repeated as necessary. Here […]

Save Yourself From Smell Hell

SAVE YOURSELF FROM SMELL HELL     We’ve all been there: someone next to you decides it’s time to eat that smelly sandwich or microwaved meat dish. Worse yet, that someone was too busy preparing lunch earlier in the morning to put on deodorant. Welcome to smell hell, where each visit is no less unpleasant […]

Thank Your Way to a Job

THANK YOUR WAY TO A JOB   When competing for a job, it can be hard to find a way to set yourself apart. Chances are many of the applicants have similar career experience. When invited to an interview, a majority will most likely do some research beforehand, dress to impress, practice a good handshake, […]

How to Begin on LinkedIn

HOW TO BEGIN ON LINKEDIN   ‘   It’s the world’s largest networking event, and you don’t even need to dress up! Here you can get in touch with professionals from around the world, find classmates, and maybe even discover or be discovered by your next employer. While you can forget about polishing your shoes, […]

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